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The Regional Library Ľudovít Štúr, Zvolen is situated in the centre of the town Zvolen, which has 42 657 inhabitants at present. Its seat is in the historical building, former House of Craftsmen, on the Street of Ľ. Štúr. The building has two floors and the Library area is 1,192 sqm.

  • Department of belleslettres for adults
  • Department of electronic sources
  • Department of literature for children and youth
  • Department of regional bibliography and information
    Department of science literature
  • Department of social science and art literature
  • Study room and reading room

Head librarian bureau, Department of methodology and automation, Department of economical and technical activities, Department of acquisition, processing and preservation of library funds and stores.

Present statistical informations:

  • The stock of books  173 538
  • Number of loans a year  315 138
  • Number of registered readers a year  11 153
  • Annual increase of new documents  2 567
  • Number Titles of periodical a year  237
  • Professional staff  20

The Library uses the library-information system Clavius, all library services are completely automated. It operates as a regional and district coordinator, methodical, educational, bibliographical and information centre for other libraries and centre for cross lending services in the area of the Banská Bystrica region.

The Library regularly publishes the professional information journal "THE LIBRARIEN REPORT " for the needs of communal libraries in the region and a journal "ČÍTAJKO" for the support of the reading of pupils in the basic schools.

The Library organizes yearly a journalistic competition for students of secondary schools and universities from Slovakia "ŠTÚROVO PERO".  

The Library is the member of the Slovak Association of Libraries and the Society of Slovak Librarians.